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The Mega Weekend Auction List

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You know what time of the week it is, Kick back grab a coffee or beverage of your choice and let’s review what’s in auction this weekend…

Here are the domain names that I am watching this weekend, don’t forget you can watch an y of these names too by clicking on the links below.

Selfless.com – This would make a great brand, 22 years old and already in the Five Figures.

mqi.com – All Three Letter Dot Com’s are solid domain name investments in my eyes, these only climb in value from what history has shown us in the long game.

SmartScreens.com – We all use one every day be if our phones, tablets or devices when we visit a McDonalds to order…

PodCasted.com – The Pod Cast space is very divese and not easy to make money but again could PodCasted.com become a brand?

DailyOutfit.com – Sounds like a blog to me, this 6 year old domain name could earn big with affiliate marketing in the right model.

Like this:​

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